Digital Rights

Geographical shielding technology and other technical measures will prevent the authorized matches and resources from being received or viewed by a third party outside the licensed territory. These measures will also prevent any resources from being modified, forwarded, or distributed. Sports Media, Inc. knows that not all students can afford computers, gaming equipment, or internet access. That’s why Sports Media, Inc. has provided complete digital access through esport pods as a suitable alternative for each student’s needs. In addition, schools associated with Sports Media, Inc.’s Esport league will use the same program to evaluate a student’s skill set while ensuring fair competition. The Sports Media, Inc. Esport League would provide students with the tools for developing their online presence and attitude, both of which can be applied in the real world.

NIL access to students for sponsorships

Sports Media, Inc. has access to student-athlete name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights for college and high school students. Sports Media, Inc. wants to create a stronger connection between student-athletes and sponsors, providing more compelling narratives and resulting in continued partnerships. This partnership provides many students with esport sponsorship opportunities in hopes that this aids students in continuing their education.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights include authorized content, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, design patents, industrial designs, domain names, and trade names.
Intellectual property rights pertain to the protection of an invention; hence, SMI ensures the security of their rights of Esport Pods.

IP rights protect Esport Pods from being copyrighted or prevent IP from being used without permission. In addition, these rights ensure financial compensation for rights holders when other companies use their IP.
Sports Media, Inc. would use trademarks during esports events. Trademarks would also be a helpful marketing tool that can be used to promote business by creating brand awareness and loyalty.

Pod usage rights

Usage rights means the license to use or access a product. Third parties are granted access on your behalf, provided that you are responsible for ensuring Authorized Third Parties comply with agreements set by Sports Media, Inc. Authorized usage of Pods are set for a specific purpose and period of time.

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