Global ESports

Esports pod

  • The Esports pod is a gaming pod created by sports media in order to ensure a balanced playing field in esports.
  • Every Esports pod will have the same equipment & internet speeds in order to ensure that the competitions are won based on skill, not superior equipment.
  • Our goal is to deploy the esports pod in high schools, community colleges, & colleges.

Pod Perks

  • Comfortability offered at its finest
  • High Speed internet
  • Camera’s will be also included in the pods which will allow gamers to record content
  • We can help gamers obtain sponsors all the way until they make it to the NCAA

ESport Pod Deployment

  • ESport Pods will be made available to all high schools on Native American land.
  • Each high school will get enough pods to match their needs.


  • We are going to reach out to 34 universities who currently offer scholarships for Esports.
  • We are going to ask them to set aside 1 or 2 esports scholarships for a Native American.
  • The individuals who excel within these schools at the Esports tournaments can be offered scholarships to go onto college.
  • 192 colleges participate in the National Association of Collegiate esports
  • Most esports scholarships currently offer students $500-$8,000 annually but schools are starting to offer full tuition as esports grows


  • Our goal is to bring high speed internet to schools
  • The current leader to provide our high speed internet is Comcast
  • Comcast already provides reliable Internet service and training facilities for both ESL and Evil genius
  • They sponsor the ESL overwatch league season two playoffs and grand finals
  • Comcast invested fifty million USD into the commencement of the Philadelphia Fusion Arena for esports training practice in 2019
  • Fusion Arena has a sitting capacity of over three thousand, electronic gadgets, exclusive suites, flexible lodge boxes, and will open in 2021
  • Our goal would be to have championships at the Fusion arena


  • This is new and untouched market for Esports which can generate a decent amount of revenue.
  • According to the Bureau of statistics, about 20% of all flights are delayed.
  • This downtime creates a perfect opportunity for passengers to use an esports pod to pass the time until their flight is ready.
  • Two major airports in the U.S allow gambling, the McCarran International in Las Vegas & the Reno-Tahoe international airport.
  • According to today in the sky, these two slot machines generated $25.57 million in 2014, this shows that airports can support major business that our esports pod can take advantage of.


  • Theaters can be a great market to work with as it is untouched by Esports.
  • Theaters tend to have large rooms where the Esports pods could fit perfectly.
  • Customers could have access to a quiet space while waiting for the movies to start and enjoy some time in the Epods.
  • According to Statista, Data on the annual revenue of movie theaters in the United States in 2019 showed that theaters generated an estimated revenue of over 9.9 billion U.S. dollars from admissions to feature film exhibitions, and 5.7 billiion from food and beverage sales.
  • This in fact shows that theaters would be a great market to focus on as many people are willing to spend money when they go to the movie theaters,

Amusement Parks

  • The global amusement parks market is expected to grow from $51.67 billion in 2020 to $63.89 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.7%
  • Incorporating the Epods within amusement parks in gaming arcades can generate thousands of dollars as many millennials love video games.
  • The amusement parks and gaming arcades would attract families, millennials and gamers.
  • People like to be in a fun environment and the EPods would be a great asset to amusement parks as it would cater to individuals who are fans of gaming systems.

Stadiums & Arenas

  • According to the New York Times, The $10 million Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas is the largest esports center in North America, with flexible seating, a state-of-the-art broadcast studio and an 85-foot-long LED wall.
  • In Philadelphia, there are developers who are planning on creating Fusion Arena which will hold training arenas and have 3,500 seats for fans.
  • As the Esports industry continues to grow and gain traction, more and more stadiums and arenas will be created, as well as previously established facilities will host gaming tournaments.
  • According to Forbes, 134 million people in 2015 watched eSports competitions.
  • According to Forbes, Skillz’s business is currently being supported by venture capital and firm Atlas Venture along with NextView Ventures and others.  It has announced $13.3 million in funding to date. This means many investors are willing to spend their money on this new up and coming market that get generate millions of dollars.

Partnership Program

  • Sports Media Partnership Program
  • ESports Strategy Consultant
  • Esports plan for casinos
  • Pods
  • Experiential Venues
  • Broadband
  • Game selection
  • Servers
  • Lights
  • Environment
  • NFT’s
  • Sports Betting
  • Fundraising
  • Tournament
  • Leagues
  • Remote gaming partners
  • Sponsorships
  • Big data
  • Broadcast
  • Live streaming
  • Credit finance

Revenue Streams

  • Sports Media; Theater Program
  • Ensuring Proper Broadband or Sourcing and Installing Broadband
  • Theater Modification Removing Chairs Installing Platforms for Pods
  • Sourcing Electrical Contractors and Installation of Power and RJ-45 Jack
  • Securing Pod Sponsors
  • Securing Advertisers for the Big Screen
  • Securing Sponsors for Prizes and Cash Prizes
  • Setting for the Tournament Program for Local, Regional and National
  • Media Campaign Online Local Recruitment in Each Market for Gamers
  • Setting up a Program for Gamers Sponsorship
  • Set up of Fans TV for Broadcasting
  • Initiating College Scholarship Program
  • Securing an E Sports Betting Partner
  • Initiating ESports Fundraising Program
  • Managing NFT Marketplace

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